Even if you have the most fantastic lover on the planet, shopping for your girls can be overwhelming - no matter how well you know her. You must complete the gift-gifting trifecta by selecting an affordable item that is both useful and thoughtful while also exuding a romantic vibe. If your gift only checks one box, it may come across as impersonal–for example, a Starbucks gift card. Don't get me wrong: she'll use it, but it doesn't exactly scream, "I want to cuddle you forever." Do you have any ideas? A handcrafted mug or a unique pillow contains a special message for her. On the other hand, it feels a little more heartfelt.

You want your girl to feel extra, extra loved on her birthday, and these gift suggestions will help her feel that way. Personalized Canvas Art, Memory couples pillow and merchandise that speaks to her love of friends – browse these and other great birthday gifts now.